Oxley is proud of its innovative subject, Cornerstone, introduced in 2015 and taught twice a week to every student in Year 7-10. Cornerstone’s curriculum is devised and written entirely at Oxley. It is a subject that draws together all of the big, inspirational and ethical ideas from wherever they are found and funnels them into the one subject. It is also a subject that will teach students how  to think. This subject should be the cornerstone of an enlightened, rigorous education for the twenty first century.

The topics include ‘Eight Thorny Issues in Philosophy’, ‘Ethics in the Playground’,  ‘How To Think Critically’, ‘Big Questions for Big Religions’, ‘All About Study for Year 7’, ‘Business Ethics’ and ‘The Philosopher’s Zone – Wise Men of Early Greece’.

Cornerstone Business Ethics

Who Do You Think You Are (Lesson Plans)