We help students with advice on future career options through our Careers Advisor. Occupational testing in Year 10 is designed to aid students in their thinking about the future. This often leads to advice on choosing subjects for the senior years so that university pre-requisites may be met. We have a Mentor Program in Year 12 matching students to adult professionals who work in the student’s possible career path.

A comprehensive careers library and online facilities provide students with information on post-school options including universities, the TAFE system, apprenticeships and other training schemes.

The Careers Office houses the careers library, where students are able to access publications from TAFE, universities, private education providers and employers. Two key publications students should become familiar with:

  • UAC guide (Universities Admission Centre)
  • Bonus points reference

The Careers Corner site provides students with access to online materials designed to assist in these areas:

  • self awareness
  • the world of work
  • tertiary education

The Careers Advisor is available to help students and their parents as they navigate their career options.