The Music School comprises two specialist music classrooms, five practice rooms, two small ensemble rehearsal spaces, a “rock” room, a senior/technology space, a huge instrumental storage space, staff facilities and, of course, the versatile Orchestra Room.

Instrumental and Voice Lessons

All lessons will take place in the Music School. A copy of each teacher’s timetable is on display in the Courtyard of the Music School. Lesson times usually stay the same for two weeks, before occurring half an hour later the next fortnight. This ensures that the student does not miss the same lesson continually. It is the responsibility of the student to record his/her lesson time each week in their College Diary (writing it down for the term is recommended) and arrive for lessons promptly. If a student is unable to attend a lesson due to absence or illness, a phone call to the instrumental teacher is expected, or failing that, a message to the office on the day of the absence that will be passed on to the relevant person.

Instrumental teachers will invoice parents directly for lessons and should be the first point of contact. Please complete the Music Tuition Enrolment Form.

Further contact can also be made with the Curriculum Leader, Mrs Jacqui Pugh.
Students’ instruments may be left in the Orchestral Locker Room, situated on the left hand side of the courtyard. This room will be locked at the end of each school day.

Music Ensembles – 2018 Rehearsal Schedule

All rehearsals take place before school. Students should aim to arrive at least 5 minutes before the scheduled start time. 

Core Ensembles / Director Rehearsal Day / Time /Venue
ChoraleMr Rob Hughes Monday 7.45 – 8.40am – Orchestra Room
OxVox – Mr Rob Hughes Monday Lunchtime 12.45 – 1.25pm Orchestra Room
Senior String EnsembleMrs Alison Bunyan  Tuesday 7.45 – 8.40am – Orchestra Room
 Stage Band – Mr Ben Jones Wednesday 7.45 – 8.40am – Orchestra Room
Senior Concert BandMrs Belinda McBride Thursday 7.45 – 8.40am – Orchestra Room
Junior String EnsembleMrs Alison Bunyan Thursday 8.00 – 8.40am  – Music Room 1
Junior Concert Band – Mr Ben Jones Friday 7.45 – 8.40am – Orchestra Room

Requirements for being a member of a Music Ensemble

As part of a music ensemble at Oxley College, each student is required to maintain the following commitment:


  • Students are expected to attend every rehearsal.
  • Students must maintain at least 75% attendance record in each ensemble in order to qualify for a music award.
  • Students are expected to be prompt and arrive with their equipment and music. If an unforeseen reason causes a student to be unable to attend, and/or he/she needs to 
leave a rehearsal early, students are expected to inform their conductor as soon as possible.
  • Students are expected to be attentive and cooperate with the conductor and other ensemble members at every rehearsal.
  • Students will be expected to perform at college functions, community functions, festivals and other competitions.
  • Students will be required to participate in one or two performances per term and this may include weekend performances.


  • Students are required to bring the following equipment to each rehearsal:  Music, Pencil, and Instrument


  • Students are expected to practise and to attend rehearsals having prepared their music as specified by the conductor.