The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award (DEA) NSW Sport and Recreation runs The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award programme in NSW. The Award is an internationally recognised youth development programme providing opportunities for personal and social development for 14 to 25 year olds.


Duke’s Philosophy

Available to everyone.
Any young person aged 14 to 25 can do The Award, no matter what their cultural background, religious or political affiliation or ability.

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Oxley College DEA Programme

To assist Oxley students to work towards the various DEA levels we have a number of procedures in place.   While the importance of self-motivation and taking initiative are paramount, especially in relation to the physical recreation, volunteering and skill elements of the programme, we provide a framework for the adventurous journey element.

Record Keeping
Participants must log the activities they complete towards the fulfillment of each section: Fitness, Skill, Volunteering, Adventurous Journey (and for the Gold-Level Residential Project). For all levels, the first step is to create a new online registration via the Online Record Book (ORB), and then record their activities.

In each case participants will engage an Assessor who will supervise and then provide a short written comment to attest to the participant’s ongoing involvement and growth at the end of the time.

Adventurous Journey
While the adventurous journey component of your award can include an one of an array of possibilities, Oxley provides a series of hiking expeditions.  These become progressively more challenging for the different award levels and require more of the participants with regard to preparation, route planning, food preparation, hygiene, environmental consideration and leadership.  At each of the award levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold) there is a requirement to undertake a programme of preparation ahead of a practise hike and then a qualifying hike.

We invite students to register for the DEA programme at the beginning of Year 9 and provide the following hiking cycle that should enable a typical student to complete the adventurous journey requirements aspects of their Gold Award by early in Year 12, although a student is welcome to join at any point between.  Students who have begun their DEA participation at another school can transfer onto the Oxley programme as well.   Because many of our DEA students take part in the College’s ISA sport teams during summer and/or winter, there are only a few weekends in the calendar when the hikes can be held.  Silver and Gold hikes have to be held during a holiday period.  In cases of extreme weather a hike may be cancelled in the interests of safety and participants can then plan to take part in a later hike.

2018 Hike Planner

 Award Date 
 Bronze/Silver (Practice) Saturday 18 March – Sunday 19 March 2018
Silver/Gold (Practice) Friday 13 April – Monday 16 April 2018
Silver/Gold (Qualifier) Sunday 1 July – Tuesday 4 July (tbc)
Bronze (Qualifier) Friday 7 September – Sunday 9 September 2018*
this leaves after school on Friday
Silver/Gold (Qualifier) Saturday 15 – Tuesday 18 December 2018

The DEA registration charges will apply to all participants at the beginning of their enrolment in the programme.  Most equipment and camp costs are included in the College Tuition Fee.  Therefore, the only additional cost is for transport.

The 2018 DEA registration fees are as follows:

Bronze: $130
Silver: $135
Gold: $160
Change of Level: $35

The College works closely with Land’s Edge, an outdoor education provider, to plan and accompany the various hikes to provide expert support and advice.  View their website here: Lands Edge.

Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Resources

Award Guide for Bronze Award Participants

NSW Participant Presentation

NSW Participant Registration Guide


If you have any further questions about the nature of the DEA programme or particular elements of it, please contact the Oxley College Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Leader: Mr Tim Dibdin.