Rites of Passage

Year 9 2017 Rites of Passage Video

During the last three weeks of Term 2, Year 9 students at Oxley College complete a residential programme in Sydney where they study in museums, galleries, universities, theatres and the historically rich urban environment of Sydney’s CBD.

The Rites of Passage Sydney programme has been designed around psychologist Michael Carr‑Gregg’s identified needs for 14 and 15 year olds: emancipation from parents; strong, healthy friendships; vocational direction; and a strong sense of personal identity.

Oxley has developed a cross-curricular academic programme around the theme “Identity – Telling Your Story”. It includes tours, workshops and lectures at Macquarie University, University of Technology Sydney, Art Gallery of NSW, ABC Studios, Foreshore Authority, Observatory Hill Education Centre, Museum of Human Disease, the Opera House, Museum of Contemporary Art, Australian Film and Television School and Cockatoo Island.

The purpose of this innovative programme is to expose students to ideas, people and phenomena that could never be accessed in a conventional classroom. We want to ignite students’ passion for what the future holds and the learning journey they are on. The Rites of Passage programme for Year 9 makes a significant transition toward life as a senior student. After the exhilaration of starting High School and before the challenge of the Higher School Certificate, the Rites of Passage programme provides an unforgettable, transitional moment in the lives of Oxley students.

Rites of Passage Booklet 2018

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