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The Oxley College Canteen is committed to providing fresh, interesting, nutritious food for the entire school community. We are guided by the recommendations of the state government’s Healthy School Canteen Strategy: “Fresh Tastes at School”.

The majority of food for sale at the canteen is prepared and cooked on site. We use fresh vegetables and fruit, lean meat and chicken, free-range eggs and fresh local bakery products. When available, we use the produce from the school vegetable garden and the eggs from our own chickens. We regularly provide vegetarian and gluten free meals, and do not use nuts or nut products in the canteen.

In addition to providing sustenance at recess and lunch, the canteen regularly provides catering for in-house functions, visiting consultants and HSC markers as well as assisting with provisions for special events.

K-6 Term 4 2017 Menu         7-12 Term 4 2017 Menu

The canteen is operated by the school with a supervisor, two part-time staff and volunteers to lighten the load. It is online or cash only and is open every school day.

At this time the regular canteen menu is supplemented each week with some “specials”, something different each week to add variety to the regular menu.

  • Monday: Sushi we buy it in fresh, from those who make it much better than we could!
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: Weekly Special days – eg Toasted Panini, Caesar Salad, Sweet Chilli Chicken Noodles, Glass Noodle Salad, Rice & Lentil Salad, Tuna & Bean Salad, Chicken Curry, Lamb Tagine, Pumpkin Soup etc.

K-6 students must bring their recess from home, but may order their lunch from the canteen. There is currently no provision for K-6 students to purchase food across the counter at recess or lunch time.

For students in Years 7-12 recess and lunch may be purchased directly once the canteen is open. At lunch time, many menu items are available for purchase across the counter, though ordering lunch can be quicker and guarantees your choice.

We have joined up with Flexischools to provide an online ordering service from Term 2 2016.

Flexischools advice to parents

This service is now up and running and we will trial it during Term 2. If successful we will move to all orders being processed this way from the start of Term 3. We encourage all parents to set up their accounts and experience the quick and easy way to order your child’s lunch. You can even order for the whole term and then cancel any days not required.

The first step is to register and create an online account. You will receive a confirmation email which then directs you to the Oxley College canteen page. Set up your individual children’s details then go ahead and order. Orders must be received by 10am on the day. Similarly cancellations must be made by 10am.

For non – online ordering:

Orders for lunch can be placed up until 11:00am.

Ordering for K-6 students:

  •  K-6 orders are collected from the classrooms and delivered to the Canteen, where they are sorted and prepared. Orders are returned to K-6 in crates and distributed by the classroom teacher.
  • K-6 orders should be placed in a paper bag big enough to hold the food. Paper bags are readily available for purchase at supermarkets, though K-6 Student Services and the Canteen also have bags you may use if you are caught without any at home.
  • Lunch orders need to include the student’s name, class and order – specify large or small size and specify flavours if preferred. Include the price of each item and the total amount owed. Place this amount of cash in the bag. A small amount of change can be given, but please make every effort to give as close to the correct amount due, as possible. Please do not include a lot more money than required, it is time-consuming to count and sort out change and likely to get lost. Menus are available, so check prices and only order from what is written on the menu.
  • Parents need to check their child’s order to ensure the writing is legible, the sums correct and the menu choices appropriate. We encourage students in K-6 to order only one (1) frozen or other treat, at a time.

If sufficient cash to cover the full order is not found in the bag, only the main lunch item will be supplied.

Should your child’s lunch be spilt or otherwise rendered inedible, a replacement lunch will happily be supplied, but you will need to send payment for it promptly.

Ordering for 7-12 students:

  • 7-12 orders are placed in the blue bin to be found on the Canteen counter at recess or can be left with Canteen staff earlier if required.
  • Paper bags, pens and the menu are provided on the Canteen counter.
  • Lunch orders need to include the student’s name, class, order – specify large or small size – and the cost of each item. Please check the prices on the menus, to ensure you have the correct amount of cash in the bag. Change will be sticky taped to the outside of the bag.

Be a Canteen Volunteer

It takes time and effort to prepare, cook and serve all the food for our busy school community, so our volunteers are highly valued members of the team. Why not join us and see for yourself what we’re all about. If cooking or cash-handling are not your thing, there are lots of jobs at the Canteen which don’t need special skills or experience and anyway, guidance is always at hand.
Helping at the Canteen provides a unique opportunity to see behind the scenes of your child’s school. Meet the staff, meet your child’s friends, watch then interacting with their peers, catch-up with what’s going-on at school and make a contribution to the school community.

Have a look at the roster here:

Canteen Roster Calendar

You will need to email me a request for the log-in details so you can actually use the roster:

We look forward to seeing you at the Canteen soon.

Bon Appetite!

We are happy to talk to you about the specific dietary requirements of your children and will make every effort to accommodate where possible.