Junior School (K-6)

Winter 2018, K – 6 Co-Curricular Sport Booklet

Junior School Summer Sports Booklet 2018/2019

Oxley College has a sporting programme for our Junior School that is proving very popular. We are delighted to be offering a range of sports to our young students including:

Basketball Hockey Netball
Football Cricket Snow Sports
Water Polo Running Club Swimming Training
Rugby Fencing Kayaking

Prior to the commencement of each sporting season (Summer and Winter) students will receive a Sports booklet outlining the upcoming sports being offered. Included in the Sports booklet is a form that families will complete their preferred choice/s and submit to the College. All submissions will be collated and families contacted regarding placements and teams. Of course, the viability of running Oxley College teams is dependent on participating student numbers and in the event that students cannot be placed into a team, families will be notified in a timely manner in order that they may explore direct registration with a local sporting association.

Senior School (7 – 12)

2018 Winter 7-12 Sports Booklet

Senior School Summer Sports 2018 2019

Alongside the regular physical activity in class, a comprehensive range of team and individual sports reflects Oxley’s commitment to developing the physical growth of students and those personal and affective aspects of human development.

During years 7 to 10, skills and fitness are taught within the Physical Education and Health programmes and all students participate in sports lessons every week. From their team sports, students learn loyalty, co-operation and responsibility. As a founding member of the Independent Sporting Association (ISA) competition, the College has sought to uphold the principle of healthy competition where games are played in the spirit which reflects a positive and healthy approach to sport among schools of similar culture. The College organises transport for away games and hospitality complements the sporting competition at home.

Boys can join teams to play Cricket, Basketball, Football, Rugby Union and Tennis. Girls compete in Hockey, Softball, Football, Netball, Basketball and Tennis. Annual competitions in Athletics, Swimming and Cross-Country are part of the ISA programme.

The College facilitates Equestrian and Snowsports teams and also participates in the local Water Polo competition.

Summer ISA Sports Winter ISA Sports Additional Sports
Boys Basketball Football Athletics
Girls Basketball Hockey Cross Country
Cricket Netball Equestrian
Softball Rugby Snow Sports
Tennis Swimming
Touch Football Fencing
Mountain Biking

Sport Draw

This information will be published on the website each week by Tuesday afternoon. For further Oxley College Sports Information, please contact the Sports Administrator.

Sport/Training Expectations

The Sports Programme offered at Oxley is broad and exciting, and encourages each student to develop a full range of personal, interpersonal and team skills. The programmes challenge each student to respect themselves and to respect others.

It is an expectation that every student in years 7 – 12 participates actively in the College co-curricular programme and this includes committing to at least one ISA team sport, either Summer and/or Winter, per year. Students are permitted to play two seasons.

We would appreciate that all students understand the commitment they are making to the entire Sports Programme at Oxley College.

This commitment includes:

  • Attendance at all training sessions except if injured or sick.
  • Attendance at all games, both home and away for the entire season.
  • Upholding the ISA Code of Conduct.

Reasons for absence from Training/Saturday Sport: (correspondence must be made by parents)

  1. Sickness: Email or phone call after training or prior to Saturday Game/Bus departure.
  2. Misadventure: There is an acceptable reason for not attending. Email or phone call before training or prior to Saturday Game/Bus departure.
  3. Approved Leave: In writing to the Sports Administrator one week prior to the game.

It is an expectation that prior to a game/training, coaches are made aware of any students who will not be playing or training.

Email addresses for staff coaches are located on our Staff pages. External coaches may be contacted via the Sports Administrator and/or Sports Coordinator.

Sports Coordinator: Mr Nick Wansey, 0477 747 738
Sports Administrator: Mrs Kim McNaught, 0416 213 328


In the event that a student is already heavily involved in the co-curricular life of Oxley in a number of activities or is an elite athlete training several times a week, exemptions can be made. Please download and complete the exemption form below to apply.

ISA Sport Exemption Form 2018