A comprehensive range of team sports reflects the importance of physical development as well as social and emotional learning.

By participating in team sports, students develop co-operation and responsibility. As a founding member of the Independent Sporting Association (ISA) competition, the College has sought to uphold the principle of healthy competition where games are played in a spirit that reflects a positive approach to sport among schools of similar culture.

The College organises transport for away games and hospitality complements the sporting competition at home.

All students in the Senior School must complete one season of ISA team sport per year.

Junior School (K-6)

Oxley College offers a comprehensive Junior School Sports program, aiming to foster participation and enjoyment for all students. Students can join College teams competing in various sports in the local Southern Highlands, including Football, Netball, Hockey, Cricket, Basketball, and Softball (Macarthur Association). Additionally, students have access to a range of other sports and skill development activities like Tennis, Fencing, Equestrian, Rugby, as well as Running, Athletics, and Swimming training.

As a member of the Independent Primary School Heads Association (IPSHA), Oxley College offers Junior School student’s opportunities to engage in representative Swimming, Cross Country, and Athletics Carnivals. This involvement creates pathways for students to potentially earn qualifications for CIS and All Schools Carnivals.

Senior School (7 – 12)

During years 7 to 10, skills and fitness are taught within the PDHPE (Personal Development, Health and Physical Education) programmes and all students participate in active physical education lessons every week.

Boys can join teams to play Cricket, Basketball, Football, Rugby Union, Touch Football and Tennis. Girls compete in Hockey, Softball, Football, Netball, Basketball, Touch Football and Tennis. Annual competitions in Athletics, Swimming and Cross-Country are part of the ISA program.

The College provides optional sports such as Equestrian and Snowsports, details of these can be found in the sports booklet below.


Athletics Basketball Cricket Cross Country
Football Hockey Netball Rugby
Softball Swimming Tennis Touch Football

Optional Sports

Equestrian Fencing Tennis Lessons
Mountain Biking Snowsports

Parent Information

Oxley College Senior School Sport Winter 2024

Oxley College Concussion Policy

ISA Sport Exemptions – In the event that a student is already heavily involved in the co-curricular life of Oxley or is an elite athlete training several times a week, exemptions can be made. Students should complete the form below and submit to their Head of House.

Application for ISA Sport Exemption Form