Other Learning Experiences

OLE! (Other Learning Experiences) Week is a compulsory and unique multi-day/overnight College event.

OLE! Week is a wonderful opportunity for Oxley students to explore new experiences with their peers in a supervised and supportive environment. They can immerse themselves in activities that will extend and enrich their lives beyond the classroom, with a strong focus on outdoor, service and cultural activities.

K – Year 2

During OLE! Week our most junior students will Rule the School! Kindergarten to Year 2 students will be involved in a diverse range of activities including short trips off-campus. K – 2 will keep regular school hours during OLE! Week and specifics of their programme will be confirmed closer to the date. Just a reminder that the dress code is mufty for the week!

Year 3 & 4 – Coastal Diversity

Year 3 and Year 4 students will attend Oxley College as per normal in Week 1 Term 4 until Thursday 18 October of that week, where they will then board a bus and travel to a coastal location for a two day and one night education experience. This two day centre based programme incorporates education around surf awareness, a surfing/beach day and exploring the beauty and diversity of the Kiama coast. Year 3 students will also investigate rock pools and Year 4 students will have the opportunity to have a canoeing adventure! All students will stay overnight in accommodation at Chittick Lodge, Gerringong.

Year 3 and 4 OLE! Information 2018

Years 5 & 6 – Discovering Yarramundi, Discovering Me

Set in natural bushland at Yarramundi in the Hawkesbury Valley, this four day programme offers a range of activities designed to build confidence and resilience, encourage team work and communication, and inspire initiative and critical thinking.  Just a reminder that the dress code is mufti for the week!

Year 5 and 6 Information OLE! 2018

Year 7 – Outdoor Experience (Outdoor Education Group)

The 2018 programme is a five day canoe expedition through the beautiful Kangaroo Valley. It is designed to introduce the students to new skills as they begin their journey to independence. Students will learn to prepare for the elements, camp in tents, navigate, canoe, cook and clean for themselves while working in small teams to develop resilience.

Year 7 OLE! Information 2018

Year 8 – Outdoor Experience (Land’s Edge) ‘Discovering Murramarang’

An interactive Aboriginal cultural session with Boolarng Nangamai provides students a chance to see and participate in traditional indigenous dance and hear the important roles that nature, earth, respect and language play in Aboriginal culture. Following this opportunity, students then move on to the larger component of their camp which invites them to flex both their ‘initiative and endurance’ muscles while exploring specific coastal areas on foot. Utilising teamwork, encouragement and resilience students complete a series of hikes and camps. They adopt the principle of ‘leave no trace’ and develop a deeper understanding of Murramarang’s individual characteristics. Building on from exposure to one main natural environment component on their previous year’s camp, Year 8 students move from the water to the land. They explore hiking, mountain biking and camping based elements in the Murramarang area. While the Year 8 programme is primarily designed to encourage students to stretch, strive and stick at it by means of these land based activities, there is also a surfing opportunity included during the week.

Year 8 OLE! Information 2018

Years 9 & 10 – Various Programmes

Students in Year 9 and 10 will participate in small group, vertical activities according to choice.  Each activity will typically take place over five days:

ACTIVE: Duke of Edinburgh (DEA) compliant or other outdoor experiences eg. a hike that qualifies for the Silver Award Hike

COMMUNITY: serving the local and Oxley community

SERVICE: helping others

CULTURAL: an enrichment or extension experience based on immersion into a different cultural environment

Students will be involved in ONE experience during Term 4, Week 1 based on sufficient numbers. The activities for 2018, excluding our overseas service learning opportunities, are listed below:

Surfing Safari (Girls)

The  Girls Surfing Safari will take place in the serene Murramarang National Park, out of cabins alongside the picturesque Lake Durras river mouth and holiday village of North Durras. Students will spend the week surfing two possible beaches, Cookies and North Durras beach on the lovely South Coast with ample time to explore the surrounding spotted gum forest and lakeside trails. Boards and wetsuits are supplied and no previous surfing experience is necessary. As well as daily surfing opportunities, students will also learn surf theory, practical techniques and key beach safety. In addition to surfing, students can participate in yoga sessions and also Oxley College led art + design sessions. The programme will remain flexible, with activities and times to be decided each day with reference made to swell and weather conditions.

2018 OLE! Girls Surf Information

Surfing Safari (Boys)

Travelling North to Crescent Head this trip will follow the waves by day with the option of a number of activities in the evening. Boards and wetsuits are supplied and no previous surfing experience is necessary. Camping near the beach this is the ultimate boys’ adventure. As well as daily surfing opportunities, students will also learn surf theory, practical techniques and key beach safety.

2018 OLE! Boys Surf Information

A Taste of Sydney

Students will travel to Sydney by train, staying in the heart of the city for four nights. During their stay, students will experience a selection of food-related highlights in and around the city as well as visiting a number of culturally significant locations selected to broaden their horizons. We will travel around Sydney using public transport and on foot to enhance our experience of all Sydney has to offer. Among other things students will: visit the Lakemba Mosque; make an early morning visit to the Flemington Markets; spend time exploring the foods on offer in a predominantly Middle-Eastern area; explore Wendy Whiteley’s Garden; and attend a hands-on bread making course at Brasserie Bread. Some of these activities are dependent on the weather and are therefore potentially subject to last minute change.

2018 OLE! Taste of Sydney Information

MTB Adventure!

MTB Adventure is a great way to experience the country’s best mountain bike tracks in Canberra! This exciting trip is based out of bunk accommodation in Majura pines where MTB paths weave through the forest right out the back door, just waiting to be explored. Riders will learn mountain bike skills and go adventuring on the fun flowing trails of Sparrow Hill, Bruce Ridge, Kowen Forest and the iconic world class mountain bike park at Mount Stromlo. Bring a sense of adventure and plenty of energy for this new addition to our outdoor education programme.

2018 OLE! MTB Adventure Information


Filming all the action of OLE! Week. A small group of film makers and editors will capture the diversity of activities on Oxley’s OLE camps. This program will involve a few intensive days of driving to each of the various locations in Sydney, the Blue Mountains and the South Coast of NSW to capture footage from each of the major OLE activities. The raw footage will then be returned to Oxley College where the students will spend the remainder of the time learning video editing and production skills from experienced staff. The final video will be screened in Assembly in Term 4 as part of the OLE presentations.

2018 OLE! Filming Information & Itinerary

OLE! at Oxley

For those students unable to attend camp we have an on campus program run by Ms Norton. This program will run from 8.45am – 3.30pm from 15 October 2018 to 19 October 2018. The program will incorporate light exercise, food technology, life skills and some fun afternoon activities.

2018 OLE! On Campus Information & Itinerary

Outback (Year 11)

The Year 11 Outback trip is a long standing tradition at Oxley College. Each year the Year 11 students spend two weeks on the road travelling to remote areas. The trip is long and at times made deliberately arduous. All students are expected to contribute to the success of the journey. Thus, cooking for and serving everyone is done by each team of six for a two-day period, as is packing and cleaning. The trip includes hikes in places such as Kata Tjuta and The Flinder’s Ranges, as well as a basketball game with the children of Ooodnadatta. The experience, coming as it does at the end of Term 3, is meant to help the year group to be more cohesive and resilient before they begin their final year at Oxley.