Other Learning Experiences

OLE! Week is a unique multi-day College event held during Week 1 of Term 4. This is a wonderful opportunity for Oxley students to explore new experiences with their peers in a supervised and supportive environment. The aim of this programme is to create an experience which is robust and integrated into Oxley’s Values and Mission. Each student can immerse themselves in activities which will extend and enrich their lives.

The programmes are designed to provide the best experience for the students whilst retaining distinguishable educational outcomes.

Students will acquire new skills as they begin their journey towards independence. Specifically, they will learn to prepare for the elements, camp in tents, navigate, canoe, cook and clean for themselves. They will also be involved in hiking, mountain biking and surfing.

OLE! Week has close links to the Rites of Passage and the International Service Learning Trips in Year 9 and culminates in the ultimate Oxley experience of Outback in Year 11. The learning outcomes of OLE! are also closely aligned with the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Programme.