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At Oxley College we use an online learning system to help support our students. The system is called Canvas and students can access this using their normal school login here. All students in Years 5 to 12 use Canvas. There is also a mobile app that students can use, both for iOS and Android.

Parents can also follow their child’s progress by creating a parent account by going to the normal login and following the Parent Instructions. For access to more than one child follow the Add Another Student instructions.

Using a platform like Canvas is key for students to be prepared for how University and other courses are run today and will be in the future. Teachers will be posting assessment information and course material through this platform, which will help students find information if they miss something in class and also help promote independent study habits in our students.

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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

What is BYOD?

A BYOD approach allows students to bring an IT device to Oxley College that best support their learning needs. IT devices are powerful means of differentiating and personalising a student’s education, and student-owned devices facilitate student choice over which application best suits their learning and communication style. Please read the BYOD Overview for important information to assist you when making your purchase.

BYOD Overview 2021

Whichever device is chosen it will need to meet the specifications below:

Device specifications: