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Oxley Shop

The Oxley Shop is located on the second Oxley driveway in the 2nd demountable on the right. The Oxley Shop includes limited second hand clothing, new clothes, school items, and unlabelled lost property.

Trading Hours

School Holidays

Drop ins (8.30am – 4.00pm):

  • Closed week 1 (Monday 15 April – Friday 19 April 2024)
  • Open Monday 22 April – Wednesday 24 April 2024 (closed ANZAC Day)

Term Time Hours 

Sales for these items are available during the following hours during Term time:

Tuesdays 8.30 am-4.00 pm
Wednesdays 8.30 am-4.00 pm
Thursdays 8.30 am-4.00 pm

Holiday trading hours will also be published in the Pin Oak.

 Shop & Uniform Booklet 

EFT facilities are available during these hours at the Oxley Shop.

Students may try on garments and make purchases. You may also pay by EFTPOS over the telephone & the purchase can be sent to the office for collection.
No items can leave the shop without being paid for and items cannot be put on the school account.
(Exceptions are school diaries and calculators – which will be charged to the fee account).

Second Hand Uniforms

The resale of second hand clothes helps reduce landfill and climate change globally.  At Oxley, uniforms no longer being worn but still in good condition can be brought to the Oxley Shop for resale.  Due to space constraints at our Shop, the following uniform items are sold on consignment: Blazers and Coats.  All other items will be accepted as donations.

There is also a Facebook Buy, Swap and Sell Page where families sell second hand uniforms Facebook

Lost Property

Lost Property that has been labelled is returned to the student via Student Services, Class Teachers and Tutors. Unlabelled items of clothing are placed in the school shop. Any Lost Property not claimed after one month will be disposed of or placed in the Clothing Pool for sale.

For enquiries please phone 4862-7724 or email the Oxley Shop Co-ordinator, Nicky Moran during shop hours.

Any offers of volunteer help would be most appreciated.