Oxley College is pleased to announce that Box of Books, an Australian company and a world leader in the provision of education resources, is the College’s textbook provider.

Box of Books will provide parents and carers with the option of eBooks or paper texts via one single, seamlessly delivered and simple to use platform. If you choose to purchase physical books, they are bundled with the eBook and shipped to your home address. Delivery can be tracked through your Box of Books account.

You should only order books for your student’s enrolled subjects. The English novels are available in paper format only.

Instructions for use have been provided in a letter to parents and students.

Year 7 2022 Booklist

Year 8 2022 Booklist

Year 9 2022 Booklist

Year 10 2022 Booklist

Year 11 2022 Booklist

Year 12 2022 Book List


Secondhand Texts

Use the new Oxley College Buy and Sell site on Facebook to contact other members of our community to buy and sell secondhand texts.





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