Digital Text Books

In our quest for enlightened academic rigour and rich learning resources, Oxley College recently changed focus from traditional textbooks to the provision of an online textbook library with hundreds of texts from some of the world’s leading educational publishers. Traditional paper textbooks are heavy, expensive and restrict the student to a single resource for each subject. They are easily lost, damaged or forgotten.

A library of digital textbooks offers our students the following significant advantages:

  • Teachers select the best chapters at the best levels to meet student learning needs.
  • E-books for each subject are embedded online in our Canvas Learning Management System as well as available to download.
  • Once downloaded, students can access their e-books without an internet link.
  • Students can add shareable bookmarks, annotations and highlights to the digital text.
  • Text size is adjustable to suit students reading preferences.
  • Students can print individual pages from their e-books when they need the information on paper.
  • Students who prefer to listen to audio have text-to-speech options.
  • Updated publications from publishers such as Cambridge, Pearson, Macmillan and Nelson are added to the online library as they become available. Students need not be limited to last year’s textbooks.
  • Online e-books help prepare our students for the extensive use of digital text in tertiary education.

E-books are cheaper than paper textbooks and do not need to be ordered. School fees will contain an annual e-book levy that will cover the cost of the subscription to the Learningfield e-book library.

English novels and some specialist workbooks do not form part of this subscription.

2019 Stationery and Equipment Requirements 7-12

2019 Year 7 and 8 Stationery and Equipment

2019 Year 9 and 10 Stationery and Equipment

2019 Year 11 and 12 Stationery and Equipment

English Texts and Film

Year 12 – 2019

English novels are not available as part of our digital textbook subscription and must be purchased by the students.

Students may choose paper and/or e-book formats for these novels.  E-books are available in Apple Books and in Kindle.

Rather than mandate a single supplier for these texts we recommend families use their own choice of supplier, or, to search online, tools such as http://booko.com.au list the lowest prices from a range of suppliers.



Booko link

English (Standard)
Anderson, MT. Feed 9780763662622 https://booko.com.au/9780763662622/
Harrison, Jane. Rainbow’s End 9780868197951 https://booko.com.au/9780868197951/
English (Advanced)
Hughes, Ted. Birthday Letters 9780571194735 https://booko.com.au/9780571194735/
Orwell, George. 1984 9780141187761 https://booko.com.au/9780141187761/
Plath, Sylvia. Ariel 9780571086269 https://booko.com.au/9780571086269/
Shakespeare, William. King Henry IV, Part 1 9780521626897 https://booko.com.au/9780521626897/
English extension
Miller, Alex. Journey to the Stone Country 9781741141467 https://booko.com.au/9781741141467/
Proulx, Annie. The Shipping News 9781857022421 https://booko.com.au/9781857022421/
Nettheim, Daniel. The Hunter Film
Madman, 2011
Booktopia has copies of the region 4 DVD
and the film is also available online for all
devices in iTunes

In 2019 our students will continue to use their online textbooks from LearningField however English novels, and some specialist texts do not form part of this subscription. Rather than mandate a single supplier for these texts we recommend that families use their own choice of supplier, or, for the best possible price, online tools such as http://booko.com.au list the lowest prices from a range of suppliers.

English Texts – Years 7 – 11

2019 Year 7 to 11 Texts