Parents & Friends

The Oxley College Parents’ & Friends’ Association

Parents are automatically members of the P & F and are encouraged to join in the activities of this Association and support the work of the College. P & F meetings are held four times a year including the annual AGM in November. Parents will be well advised of social and other functions and kept up to date with school news through the Pin Oak magazine. Parents are encouraged to join the P & F Executive and to participate in its work.

2021 Events

Thursday 4 February  K-3 & 7-9 Welcome Drinks
Friday 5 February  4-6 & 10-12 Welcome Drinks
Sunday 2 May  Oxley Equestrian Day (TBC)
Friday 7 May  Junior School Mother’s Day Celebration (TBC)
Friday 3 September  Junior School Father’s Day Breakfast (TBC)
Thursday 18 November  Junior School Orientation Day
Friday 19 November  Senior School Orientation Day

Through these and other enterprises, the Oxley P&F is an effective body.

Whilst the P&F has an executive group and supporters that broadly look after these activities, all members can provide input either with ideas or in a practical way or both. If you can, lend a hand on the barbecue on sporting days or spend a morning in the canteen. Support the social and community events, as often as possible.

2021 Meetings (Dates to be advised)

The meetings are held in the David Wright Library 5.30pm to 6.30pm. The term 4 meeting incorporates the AGM and Thank you drinks.

Term 1  Tuesday 2 March  Minutes
Term 2 Tuesday 11 May
Term 3 Tuesday 3 August
Term 4 AGM – Tuesday 26 October   P&F AGM 2021 Minutes


P & F Constitution February 2015

Previous AGM Minutes

P&F AGM 2020 Minutes

Contacts – 2021

Executive  Representatives
President:  Megan Moore
Vice-President Junior School:  Lauren Bloom
Vice-President Senior School:  Sooz Heinrich
Treasurer:   Sam Spring
Secretary:  Shelly Davis-Rice
Head of Year Reps
Junior School  Rebecca Morse
Senior School  Ann Marie Greenop
Year Reps 
Year 12  Emma Bragg
 Michelle Davis-Rice
Year 11  Kate Bow
 Renelle Corbett
 Sean Hanrahan
 Justine McKinlay
Year 10  Shona O’Brien
 Angie Sanchez
 Year 9  Ann Marie Greenop
 Skye Sandilands
Year 8  Annalise Law
 Sally Scott
 Sam Spring
Year 7 tbc  Fiona Rodger
 Ferial Reid
 Brooke Wilson
 Jodie Hamblin
Year 6  Caroline Mellish
 Kirrily Zupp
 Catherine Barnett
 Year 5  Gail Denington
 Sally Kean
 Felicity Sewell
 Narelle Vild
Year 4  Helen Vlahakis
 Gina Simonsen
 Amelia Feetham
Year 3  Amanda Bagnall
 Jennifer Finlayson
 Dani Le Guay
 Belinda Burton
Year 2  Kristy Curr
 Antonia Baldo
Year 1  Danielle Pierce
 Andrea Bullick
 Tanya Laycock
Kindergarten  Teresa Dunn
 Alison Sheer