Vision & Mission

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Our Values

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The wellspring from which the Oxley Values are taken is deep and lasting. Oxley is a college founded on Christian principles and these find expression in so many of the words here. Many of the values are explicitly from the Old or New Testament. Others are derived from two millennia of Christian philosophy. Oxley draws from wisdom wherever it is found and many of the values can be found highlighted in other faith traditions. Some of the philosophies and ideas in these values come from good people with a humanist or secular orientation.

Links to the Vision and Mission

The first and second values, of justice and humanity, find expression at Oxley every day and particularly in our Service Learning and Ethics programmes. The values of wisdom and knowledge are connected with our focus on enlightened academic rigour. The fourth value, of fortitude, also links to so much of what we do to ‘strive, stretch and stick’. The last value — mindfulness — prompts us to find self-discipline and stillness in the middle of this extremely busy and connected world.