Social Service Learning

The Oxley College Service Learning vision is for our students to support local, national and international communities and make a difference to the lives of others.

Students are fortunate to attend Oxley College and we believe our students should give their time, energy and skills to build a better future. Service Learning is not only about giving money and donations it is about investing time in helping those less fortunate than themselves and displaying a true sense of compassion towards others.

During their time at the College our students will be exposed to different Service Learning opportunities and to a variety of programmes. Several programmes include:

Year 1
Harbison Care – Regular visits to our classroom where our Senior Citizens are part of the lesson and contribute to discussions and activities.

Year 6
KIVA – Year 6 have each raised $25 to loan to Micro Finance Companies around the world. These loans allow people in third world countries to become self sufficient while also repaying the loan.

Year 7
Feeding  the Homeless
– Year 7 are rostered on to shop, prepare and cook a meal such as a casserole to bring to the college each week. Members of the local Uniting Church collect five meals per week and distribute to people in need in the local area.

Year 8
Christmas Hampers – Year 8 organise Christmas Hampers from each Tutor Group.

We encourage students to invest their energy in supporting a cause or charity that they value and feel a true sense of connection. This could also involve arranging a sausage sizzle, raffle, competition or any activity to donate the proceeds/time/skills to this charity. We aim to encourage our students to show compassion towards those less fortunate and be able to make a difference to the lives of so many.


Oxley College was (and is) planning to ‘twin’ the College with a village called Jhib Jhibe  and a number of outlying villages in the Rasuwa region, sixty kilometres north east of Kathmandu in Nepal. Recently Michael Parker went to these villages with the purpose of forging a relationship such as this.    This long term relationship involves: Studying about the villages  in Year 8 Geography as part of ‘Impact of Globalisation in the Developing World’;  making toys for the children in the villages as part of Year 8 Design and Technology and having an overseas service trip focused mainly on Oxley’s new Year 9 ‘Rites of Passage’ experience.  This would particularly involve the Oxley students teaching at the Primary and High School in Jhib Jhibe and fundraising for projects.

The recent earthquake demolished most of the village of Jhib Jhibe and killed eight people.  Of course it has also destroyed significant areas in Kathmandu and elsewhere. Many wonderful people in a desperately poor and needy country have just got desperately poorer and needier.  The fundraising, which Oxley initially had as further down the priority list, has just jumped to the top.  In response to this devastating earthquake, Oxley has launched a fundraising initiative that to date has raised well over $10,000.

2018 Social Service Learning Opportunities

Fiji Itinerary 2018

Nepal Itinerary 2018.pdf **updated**

Botswana itinerary 2018

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2019 Social Service Learning Opportunities

Letter to Year 8 parents – 2019 International Trip information

Expressions of Interest for 2019 Social Service Trips

Fiji 2019

Botswana 2019

Nepal 2019

Travel Insurance

Students travelling overseas are covered under the travel insurance of the College. Information about the College’s travel insurance, including the full product disclosure statement and the schedule of benefits, can be found here. You are welcome to also obtain your own personal travel insurance should you feel that the College’s travel insurance does not adequately cover your needs.


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