Requirements for being a member of a Music Ensemble

As part of a music ensemble at Oxley College, each student is required to maintain the following commitment:

  • Students are expected to attend every rehearsal.
  • Students must maintain at least 75% attendance record in each ensemble in order to qualify for a music award.
  • Students are expected to be prompt and arrive with their equipment and music.
  • If an unforeseen reason causes a student to be unable to attend, and/or he/she needs to leave a rehearsal early, students are expected to inform their conductor as soon as possible.
  • Students are expected to be attentive and cooperate with the conductor and other ensemble members at every rehearsal.
  • Students will be expected to perform at college functions, community functions, festivals and other competitions.
  • Students will be required to participate in one or two performances per term and this may include weekend performances.


  • Students are required to bring the following equipment to each rehearsal: Music, Pencil, and Instrument.


  • Students are expected to practice and to attend rehearsals having prepared their music as specified by the conductor.