HSC OnStage, SHAPE and ArtExpress nominations

Posted on November 23, 2018

Outstanding results for Oxley HSC Drama, Design Technology and Visual Art. We are delighted to announce that one of our HSC Drama groups has now been selected to perform at the Seymour Centre at OnStage in February 2019. The members of the group are: Lachlan Billington-Phillips, Campbell de Montemas, Cameron Grice, Freya Kenay, Conor O’Meagher and Jacob Sullivan .

It is very rare to have your school nominated for a group, yet alone selected for a group, let alone selected two years in a row!

Huge congratulations to Drama teacher Phil Cunich and everyone who was involved.

Secondly, we have had three nominations for the HSC Design and Technology exhibition, SHAPE. They are: Jessica Deakin, Mikaela Pugh, Juliette Swain. Congratulations to all these students and their teacher Beatrice Lanser.

Finally Jessica Deakin has also been nominated for ARTEXPRESS!