HSC OnStage nominations

Posted on November 23, 2018

We are delighted to announce that 10 of our 14 HSC 2018 drama students have been nominated for selection in the HSC showcase ‘Onstage’ which will be performed in February 2019 at the Seymour Theatre in Sydney. Two students; Lachlan Billington-Phillips and Jacob Sullivan were nominated for both their Group and Individual performances; an outstanding achievement.

The full list of nominations were;
Group Performance ‘Hear our Voice’ – Sita Goodsir- Cullen, Olivia Davies, Meribel Greenop and Georgia Combes
Group Performance ‘?’ – Campbell De Montemas, Freya Kenay, Jacob Sullivan, Cameron Grice, Connor O’Meagher and Lachlan Billington Phillips.
Individual Performance – Lachlan Billington Phillips – ‘The Kiss’
Individual Performance Jacob Sullivan – ‘The Postman’

This is an exceptional result for our Oxley students considering just under 10% of candidates across the state receive a nomination. This follows on from our recent success earlier this year when one our groups ‘IKEA’ was selected to performed at Onstage in February (an honour that represents a performance in the top 1% of the state).