OnSTAGE Nominations

Posted on September 13, 2019

We have just received notification that Oxley College has had Two Group Performance nominations for inclusion in OnSTAGE which is Outstanding. In addition, we have had Six individual performances nominated for possible inclusion in OnSTAGE out of 11 students. At the Year 12 year meeting we congratulated all of the students involved.

This is the highest number ever nominated from Oxley College. Congratulations must go to all the students involved in Drama and to their teacher, Phil Cunich. They have worked hard and supported each other to achieve this level of excellence.

Drama students’ Group Performance has been nominated for possible inclusion in OnSTAGE

Benjamin Canute Blackbirds of grief
Lucie Drysdale Blackbirds of grief
Jade Gillis Gone Postal
Sienna Knowles Blackbirds of grief
Eva Mackevicius Gone Postal
Lachlan Moore Blackbirds of grief
Oliver Ritchie Gone Postal
Jemima Taylor Gone Postal
Zachary Wansey Gone Postal
Bradley Worthington Blackbirds of grief

Drama students’ individual performance has been nominated for possible inclusion in OnSTAGE

Benjamin Canute The climate change musical
Jade Gillis Susie Salmon
Sienna Knowles Genesis
Lachlan Moore The language of kisses
Oliver Ritchie The Gift of Life
Bradley Worthington Grief is the thing with feathers

I am sure you will join with me in congratulating all of these students.