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Magazines and Journals

Our magazine collection is FABULOUS and contains something for everyone. The collection covers fashion, cars, science, food, horses and the the great outdoors. We have high interest items for leisure reading as well as material to support subjects taught at school. Click on the magazine headings to view the magazine website with information about the latest issues.

All About History
All About History is the only history magazine that is as entertaining as it is educational. From Ancient Rome to Ancient Egypt, Tudor kings to Victorian inventors, and the trenches of World War I to the jungles of World War II, every issue of All About History puts you at the heart of the action with breathtaking photography, amazing illustrations and thrilling true stories from acclaimed historians

Artist Profile
Quarterly art magazine. Copies are kept in the Visual Arts department.

Australasian Science
We have online access to Australasian Science content for the whole school.
Username: oxleycollege
Password: Contact the library staff for password details.

Australian Geographic
Bi monthly Australian environmental and outdoor magazine. We also subscribe to Australian Geographic – Outdoor

Australian Journal of Learning Differences
LDA is an association of teachers and other professionals dedicated to assisting students with learning difficulties through effective teaching practices based on scientific research.
We have online access  for the whole school.
No username of password needed when at school.

Australian Literacy Educators Association
Australian Journal of Language and Literacy
Literacy Learning: The Middle Years
Practical Literacy: The Early and Primary Years
We have online access  for the whole school.
Username: oxleycollege
Password: Contact the library staff for password details.

Choice Magazine
Full access to Choice magazine is available on campus for as many as 5 computers at a time.
Username: library@oxley.nsw.edu.au
Please see library staff for password details.

Quarterly secondary school science magazine with fascinating articles and full page pictures.  Read the paper magazine or access 3 articles online each month for free on the website.

Dossiers Actualite
French language magazine for secondary students in newspaper format.

Food magazine with articles about food, chefs, restaurants and food from around the world.

Indesign online magazine takes audiences behind the scenes of the Australian architecture and design community, capturing its activities and achievements and reflecting the opinions and views of key members of industry

Dumbo Feather
Behind extraordinary ideas, there are extraordinary people. Dumbo Feather is a magazine about these people.

The Economist
Business, Economics, Science, Technology and Art news.  This rich resource requires not log on for all staff and students on campus using the school wifi.

Beautiful magazine full of articles on fashion and design.

Horse and Rider
“For the active, passionate contemporary Western rider and horse owner, Horse&Rider stands alone as the go-to source for advice, how-to and consumer information.”

Kill Your Darlings
“Our name comes from a quote regularly attributed to the American novelist William Faulkner: ‘In writing, you must kill all your darlings.’ Strong editorial values drive KYD. Our editors are passionate about the integrity of the writer and their ideas, and in the past seven years KYD has shown a commitment to writing that is insightful, generates discussion and tests boundaries.”
We have an online subscription to this site.
Username: library@oxley.nsw.edu.au
Password: Please see library staff

Mad Magazine
Monthly satirical magazine for senior secondary students.

The Monthly
Australian magazine providing commentary and essays from journalists and writers including David Marr, Waleed Aly and Helen Garner.  A useful source of both information and essays for senior students and teachers.  This magazine is kept in the Senior Study in Elvo.

National Geographic
Iconic photography, current affairs and wildlife magazine. Monthly.

New Internationalist
An international magazine raising issues about world poverty and inequality.
We have online access to for the whole school, , download the Appstore or Google Play app onto your device.
Username: oxleycollege
Password: contact the library staff for password details.

New Philosopher
Extraordinary new magazine founded in partnership with some of Australia’s major universities.  New Philosopher explores philosophical ideas from both new and established thinkers.  The layout, topics, data and images ensure the content of this magazine is easily accessible to student thinkers.   This magazine is kept in the Senior Study in Elvo.

Organic Gardener
Bi monthly gardening magazine from the ABC.

Monthly French language magazine

Popular Science
Monthly science and technology magazine. “For nearly 140 years, Popular Science has been the “what’s next” magazine. We’ve covered every major technological breakthrough from 1872 to 2012.”

Primary English Teachers Association of Australia
The professional association supporting primary school educators in the teaching and learning of English and literacies across the curriculum.
Username: 100490
Password: Contact the library staff for password details

Inspire a love of reading with ReadPlus, a collection of over 16,000 selected books and films arranged under themes for librarians, teachers and parents about books for young people aged 5 to 18.  An invaluable resource for locating the “right” book for leisure reading or learning.
Username: oxley .  Please see staff for password details.

Online journal for educators.
Username: oxley.
Password: Contact the library staff for password details.

The Saturday Paper
We have online access  for the whole school.
Username: library@oxley.nsw.edu.au
Password: Contact the library staff for password details.

Bimonthly skateboarding magazine.

Sydney Morning Herald and the Australian Financial Review

One copy of the weekday Sydney Morning Herald the Weekend Financial Review are delivered to the school.  Both are kept in the staff room.

Monthly technology, computing and applications.

Monthly surfing magazine

Monthly car magazine with feature articles, car comparisons and an overview of all cars for sale in Australia in the back of every magazine.


Email library staff for any username and password details  – library@oxley.nsw.edu.au