UOW Early Admission

Posted on March 11, 2014

2014 UOW Early Admission

As in 2013, UOW will offer students the chance to   earn a place to UOW in the UAC Early Round in December through UOW Early   Admission.

Early Admission will be open to all students to apply.   UOW will still be providing indicative criteria as part of the program –   criteria based on how students should be performing at school if they hope to   succeed in the course at University. However this criteria is not   exclusionary – students who don’t meet this criteria can still apply to be   considered for Early Admission.

For a student to be made a UOW Early Admission offer   in the UAC Early Offer round in December, they must be interviewed by UOW.   Students who are unable to complete this interview requirement will be   ineligible for an offer.

Please see below for a list of key UOW Early Admission   dates:

Date UOW     Early Admission Activity
May 2014 Application     guide available at Careers Markets and from UOW.
June 2014 UOW Early     Admission website refreshed with 2014 information (students can     head there now if they’d like to sign up for email updates). Will include     course and criteria information, key dates and information on how to apply.
Friday 1     August 2014 UOW Early     Admission online applications open at 9am.
Friday 29     August 2014 UOW Early     Admission online applications close at 5pm.
Monday 29     September – Wednesday 1 October 2014 UOW Early     Admission interviews at UOW’s Wollongong Campus.
Wednesday     3 December 2014 UAC     preferences for December Early Round close.
Friday 5     December 2014 Early     Round offers released by UAC.