Mr Michael Parker – Headmaster

M_Parker-127x150After completing a law degree at Sydney University and a clerkship in a corporate law firm, Michael Parker transferred very enthusiastically to the world of education. Over the last twenty three years Michael has taught at Cranbrook School Sydney, Eton College UK and Newington College Sydney.  He was the subject of the SBS documentary ‘Inspiring Teachers’ in 2007. Most recently he was Deputy Headmaster and Head of Senior (secondary) school at Cranbrook. Michael has published a number of books including Talk With Your Kids About Ethics in Australia and the USA in 2012 and Talk With Your Kids About Big Ideas  in 2014.  He has also published a Young Adult novel with Penguin, a children’s picture book with Walker Books in the USA and six textbooks. Michael came to Oxley in May 2014 and as Headmaster is responsible for vision, strategy, students and staff.

Mrs Kathryn Cunich – Deputy Head Learning K-12

K_Cunich-130x150Kate Cunich graduated from the NSW Conservatorium of Music with a B.Mus.Ed prior to completing a Masters in Educational Leadership in 2009. Before her time at Oxley, Kate was Head of Music at Inaburra School, also teaching English and Computing Studies while maintaining her interests as a freelance musicologist working with Musica Viva and the SSO.  Kate is responsible for the academic programme at Oxley. She is committed to using best practice in learning and teaching in order to maximise student achievement, and as a result has spearheaded Oxley’s implementation of the globally recognised, evidenced-approach known as “Visible Learning”. Kate has regularly presented at  Educational Leadership conferences in Australia and New Zealand, culminating in an invitation last year to speak at the 2014 International Visible Learning Conference in San Diego, USA. Kate has also worked closely with the global Visible Learning team on the soon to be released, Visible Learning in Action Case Studies book which features Oxley College.

Mr Peter Ayling – Deputy Head Pastoral K-12


Peter Ayling has had twenty years of experience as a Teacher, Stage Co-ordinator, Curriculum Co-ordinator, Housemaster and Assistant Principal at Lane Cove Public and Knox Grammar School. Most recently he was the Director of Students at Knox Grammar Preparatory School, guiding and developing boys’ education in pastoral issues, student discipline and welfare. Peter began at Oxley in 2014 as Deputy Head Pastoral. He has established a Service Learning Programme and a Mind Matters Programme, as well as maintaining the tone of the school.

Mrs Justine Lind – Head of K-6

J_Lind2Justine Lind has worked at The Scots College Sydney as Co-Ordinator of the Preparatory School’s Honours Programme. She previously held the position of Deputy Head of the Junior School at St Catherine’s in Sydney and Deputy Head of St Andrew’s School in Adelaide. Recently Justine completed a Masters in Educational Leadership at the University of New South Wales. In 2015 Justine was appointed as the inaugural Head of K-6.

Mrs Beverley Harris –
Business Manager

B_Harris-122x150Before commencing at Oxley, Beverley Harris spent twenty years in the corporate world of Sydney and London, working for Coopers Price Waterhouse as an audit manager. Clients included Smiths Crisps and Philip Morris. Beverley came to Oxley in 1995 and she manages the Financial and Non Academic aspects of the College.


Mrs Emma Calver – Community Relations Officer & Registrar

E_Calver-128x150Emma Calver spent ten years in the world of documentaries as an Associate Producer and Producer.  She worked on numerous programmes including The Bookshow at SBS, many Film Australia documentaries in a variety of positions and as a Director of Serendipity Productions which produced The Young One – Portrait of Simone Young (AFI Nomination for Best Documentary). Emma moved to the Southern Highlands and became closely associated with regional projects. She began work at Oxley in 2007 and oversees admissions and community relations.

Heads of House

Dobell Mrs Jacqui Pugh
Durack Mr Bill Clewett
Florey Mr Christophe Gauchat
Mawson Mr Simon Woffenden
Monash Mr Tristan Bevan
Oodgeroo Mr Phil Cunich
K-12 Psychologist Mrs Rani Ritchie
K-6 Pastoral Mrs Jo Ismay


Year Co-ordinators

Year 7 Mrs Jacqui Pugh
Year 8 Mr Bill Clewett
Year 9 Mr Phil Cunich
Year 10 Mr Simon Woffenden
Year 11 Mr Tristan Bevan
Year 12 Mr Christophe Gauchat
Year 12 Academic Master Mrs Tahren Hicks



K-6 Head – Mrs Justine Lind
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 5
Year 6
Year 6
Ms Jane Kearins
Ms Kelly Lees
Ms Lara Sheils
Mr Gareth Loveday
Mrs Kathy Cupitt
Mr Brett Bacon
Ms Belinda Candelori
Mr Jonathan Hunt
Mrs Shona Apostolatos
Mrs Jo Ismay
Learning Support Team Leader K-12
Learning Support Teacher
Learning Support Teacher’s Aide
Stepping Stones
Mrs Jo Ismay
Mrs Deborah Hunt
Ms Rosemarie van den Haak
Mrs Mandy Bransgrove
Ms Narelle Young
Mrs Elizabeth Antoniak
Mr Dom Lindsay
Mrs Liane Bull, Ms Vanessa Robinson
Mrs Justine Lind
Ms Beattie Lanser, Mrs Jaqui Pugh
English Curriculum Leader – Mr Philip Turnock
Mrs Elizabeth Antoniak,
Mr Grahame Chambers, Mr Bill Clewett,
Ms Olivia Cox, Mrs Kathryn Cunich,
Mr Alex Hayman, Ms Victoria Rintoul,
Mr Philip Turnock
The Arts Curriculum Leader – Mrs Jacqui Pugh (acting)
Visual Arts Ms Natacha Brochard, Mrs Vanessa Forbes,
Mrs Jacqui Pugh
Music Mrs Alison Bunyan, Mr Robert Hughes,
Ms Emily Sinden
Drama Mrs Liane Bull, Mr Phil Cunich
LOTE Head of Department – Mrs Jacqui Pugh (acting)
French Mrs Elizabeth Leitner, Mrs Bridgette Micklem
TAS  Head of Department – Mrs Jacqui Pugh (acting)
Technology Ms Beattie Lanser, Mr Stephen Marnoch,
Ms Natacha Brochard
Food Technology Ms Victoria Hansen, Ms Heidi Smart
Mathematics Curriculum Leader – Ms Catherine Dobner
Mr Simon Baird, Ms Catherine Dobner,
Mr Ben Hicks, Mrs Jo Ismay,
Ms Belinda McGregor, Ms Meaghan Stanton,
Mr Simon Woffenden
Cornerstone Curriculum Leader – Mr Michael Parker
Mr Grahame Chambers, Mr Bill Clewett,
Ms Olivia Cox, Mrs Kate Cunich,
Alex Hayman, Mrs Jo McVean,
Ms Victoria Rintoul, Mr Jason Simpson
Humanities Curriculum Leader – Mrs Ruth Shedden
Geography Mrs Sue Hanrahan, Mrs Ruth Shedden,
Mr Tim Dibdin
History Mr Stuart Bollom,  Mr Bill Braddock,
Ms Jo McVean,  Mr Tim Dibdin,
Mr Jason Simpson
Legal Studies Mr Jason Simpson
Business Studies Mr Stuart Bollom, Mr Christophe Gauchat
Commerce Mr Christophe Gauchat
Economics Mr Christophe Gauchat
Global Perspectives Mrs Ruth Shedden, Mr Jason Simpson
Studies of Religion Mr Stuart Bollom
Science Curriculum Leader – Mrs Bronwyn Tregenza
Science Mr Tristan Bevan, Mr Maurice Campbell,
Mrs Sue Hanrahan, Ms Annik Schaefer,
Mrs Bronwyn Tregenza
Biology Mrs Sue Hanrahan, Ms Annik Schaefer
Physics Mr Maurice Campbell
Chemistry Mr Tristan Bevan, Ms Annik Schaefer
PDHPE Head of Department – Mrs Jacqui Pugh (acting)
PDHPE Mr Tim Dibdin, Mr Keiran Staples,
Mr Nick Wansey
Library Head – Mrs Elizabeth Antoniak
Technicians Mrs Penny Everingham, Mrs Jenni Rees
Learning   Support Leader – Mrs Jo Ismay
Speech Pathologist
Learning Support Officer
Learning Support Teacher
Mrs Rani Ritchie
Mrs Kate Psarakis
Mrs Susan Dalton
Mr Bill Braddock
 Careers Mrs Rani Ritchie


Visible Learning Team Leaders

Ms Olivia Cox Mrs Jacqui Pugh
Ms Vanessa Forbes Ms Lara Sheils
Mr Ben Hicks

Administrative Staff

K-12 Administrator Mrs Louise MacDonald
Administrator Co-curricular, Alumni & Archives Ms Natalie Lane
Sports Administrators Mrs Kim McNaught, Mr Nick Wansey
Office Manager Ms Joanne Richards
Executive Assistant to Headmaster Mrs Linda Matthews
Student Services / Assistant to Deputy Head Pastoral 7-12 Mrs Kellie Henderson
Student Services / Assistant to Head of K-6 Ms Kirrily Hope
Reception / Assistant to Registrar Mrs Alex Stone
Accounts Receivable Ms Lorrae Mueller
Accounts Payable / Website Maintenance Ms Joanne Richards
IT Manager Mr Imre Hirka
IT Assistant Mr Aziz Zahid
Oxley Shop Supervisor Mrs Nicky Moran
Food Technology Assistant Ms Kelle Seiboth
Laboratory Assistant Ms Miranda Ford
Canteen Supervisor Mrs Catherine Fraser
Canteen Staff Ms Elizabeth Charles
Mrs Diana Stanley
Mrs Shelley Hagan
Maintenance Staff Mrs Deb Gault
Mr Peter Kelly
Cleaning Supervisor Ms Linda Rees
Cleaning Staff Ms Naretta Andrews
Ms Dee Brand
Ms Mel Oliver
Mrs Jo Granger
Mrs Maryanne Cook
Ms Sue Hickson
Ms Sue Proud
Ms Kelle Seiboth